Project Description

Homage  to Alice Colman Screever

Style: 2D Streetpainting

Material: Chalk

Artist: Adry del Rocio

Client: International pavement art festival ‘Chalk It Up’

Place: Crewe, England

Prize: Won the People’s Prize Award!

2D Streetpainting “Homage to Alice” by Adry del Rocio at  International pavement art festival ‘Chalk It Up’ Crewe, England.
Adry won the People’s Prize Award at the festival!

My homage of thanks to Alice Colman Screever, the world´s first female pavement artist (end of the 19th century, London).

Thanks to her the women went from muses to creators in the street art world, and this is my way of thanking her, doing my self-portrait.

I admire her courage and passion. I know that working in the streets is exposing your work and your own being very directly with the public, which does not happen in a museum or gallery. When you create a street piece, you have a very limited time contitionated by the weather and your own energy. And if all of this is not enough, you have to deal with your thoughts.

The result is a complete honest piece of art, where you pushed yourself, you colored your frustrations, you drew your happiness and gave light to your feelings. The paviment is more than canvas, it´s an extension of your skin where you show who you are.

Street artists leave part of our soul in each ephemeral work.