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Adry del Rocio, Mexican painter

(Adriana del Rocío García Hernández)

Adry initiates her career as a painter being 4 years old by receiving her first prize in an infantile painting contest. Since then, she has accumulated the great sum of 65 prizes, 31 prizes in a local level, 11 prizes in a national level and additionally 23 international level prizes.

With the prizes economic rewards came such as materials to continue developing her painting work as well as scholarships that allowed her strengthening her career and commitment to her great artistic passion, painting.

At the age of 11, she organizes her first individual exhibition, having to current date 54 individual presentations and 90 collectively presented in various cities of Mexico also the United States, Cuba, Spain and Denmark.

Her approach to street painting is without a doubt her first outstanding participation in one festival in 2008. Ever since, she has been invited to exhibit her art in many other festivals in more 20 different countries, USA, Canada, Colombia, Brasil, Italy, Holland, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, France, England, Russia, Sweden, Thailand, China, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, Denmark, Israel, Fracnce and in many states of her country, Mexico.

In 2014 she became Maestra Madonnara, the official title in the most traditional streetpainting contest from Italy.

Within this beautiful artistic expression, she has obtained 18 prizes in Mexico, Italy, Gernany, Denmark, Holland, England and France

As an 3D artist, she worked for some companies like Disney, Adidas, Nike, Comex (Mexican paint), Barcel (Chips), Dopper, Keen and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

She participated in the 3D largest Record Guinness in 2014. Sarasota Chalk Festival. Florida, USA.

2010, she organized in her native city, Guadalajara, the first street painting contest “Colores de Jalisco”. As a director and artist not only did she develop works of exhibition in different points of the city but also she organized workshops and offered  talks about  this ephemeral art as well as reuniting 309 artists who expressed their art on Guadalajara´s floor. Colores de Jalisco was a completely success.

2011, she began “Gises por la Paz” (Chalk for Peace) in her city, and 2012 she was invited to organize in the Zoo a new art ephemeral competiton.

Adry del Rocío

Nació en Guadalajara, Jalisco, México en 1984. Ha pintado como pasatiempo, diversión y ahora profesionalmente. Así, a los 4 años logró su primer reconocimiento internacional y ese fue el principio de una serie de premios y medallas que transformaron su vida. A la fecha suman 65 reconocimientos, 31 premios estatales, 11 nacionales y 23 internacionales.

Inició sus estudios formales de arte a los 10 años y se graduó a los 16 del diplomado en Artes Plásticas. Su primera exposición la tuvo a los 11 años. Ahora cuenta con más 90 exhibiciones colectivas y 54 individuales en diversas ciudades de México y en el extranjero en Estados Unidos, Cuba, España y Dinamarca.

Desde el 2008 incursiona en el mundo del street panting, actividad que la ha llevado a varios estados de México, Estados Unidos, Canadá, Colombia, Brasil, Alemania, Italia, Holanda, Suecia, Austria, Emiratos Árabes, Rusia, Tailandia, China, Francia, Dinamarca, Israel, Bélgica, Latvia, Bulgaria, Inglarerra.  Obtiene el título de maestra madonnara e 2014 en Grazie, Italia la cuna de los artistas de calle. Directora del Festival Internacional de Arte sobre el Piso “Colores de Jalisco” y Gises por la Paz. Galardonada por el Gobierno de Jalisco con el Premio Estatal de la Juventud 2010 y Premio Municipal de la Juventud 2011.

Otras actividades que ha desarrollado son la docencia por 14 años y talleres de Street Art.

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