Project Description

3D Streetpainting «Meeting my nahual»

Title: «Meeting my nahual» (Encuentro con mi nahual)

Style: 3D Streetpainting, 3D Street Art, Ephimeral Art, Anamorphic

Size: 7 x 4 m

Tecnique: Chalks and tempera on floor

Original art work by: Adry del Rocio

Client: Art in Haut Bugey

Place: Oyonnax, France

Date: June 22, 23 & 24, 2018

Prize: 1st prize

3D Streetpainting «Meeting my nahual» (Encuentro con mi nahual) created by chalk artist & madonnara Adry del Rocio at Art in Haut Bugey 2018 in Oyonnax, France.
Adry won 1st prize at the Festival!!!

What I love about Street Art is creating other realities, dreaming, playing and sharing my culture with the rest of the world …
Nahual has many meanings, among them is the spirit of an animal as protector and guide that each person has at birth.


Lo que me encanta del Street Art es crear otras realidades, soñar, jugar y compartir mi cultura con el resto del mundo…
Nahual tiene muchas acepciones, entre ellas es la de espíritu de un animal como protector y guía que cada persona tiene al momento de nacer.