Project Description

Wallpainting Anonymus Heroes

Mural “Teotihuacana” at Rhine Side Gallery, Krefel, Germany

Title: “Teotihuacana”

Size: 2.40 x 2 m

Client: Rhine Side Gallery

Place: Krefel

Country: Germany

Year: 2017

1st Mural (wallpainting) “Teotihuacana” created by Adry del Rocio at Rhine Side Gallery in Krefel, Germany.

Very happy to have realized in a day this small mural and to be part of the project Rhine Side Gallery.
1 factory leaves + 16 artists from 9 countries = an open air gallery with 25 murals full of passion and dedication. My admiration, affection and respect to all participating artists. And a special thanks to Fredda Wouters for making this dream possible.
Thanks to my beautiful model Elisa.