Project Description

Wallpainting Anonymus Heroes

Mural “Peace Laces” at Festival for Peace in Ameca, Jalisco.

Title: “Peace Laces” (Lazos de paz)

Measures: 5.30 x 4.80 meters

Technique: acrylic painting on wall

Artists: Adry del Rocio and Carlos Alberto Gh

Client: Mural donated to the city of Ameca, Jalisco

Place: Ameca, Jalisco

Country: Mexico

Date: May 2017

All of us are responsible for fostering peace for the new generations.
Here the contribution of my brother Carlosalberto Gh and I for the festival for peace in Ameca, Jalisco.
A thank you to the beautiful model and her aunt Paola Mayté R. Zarazúa Photographer for lending us her photo. And another special thanks to the families of Ameca who welcomed us and made us feel like family.

Made in 3 days