3D Streetpainting at International 3D Festival, Afula, Israel 2017-09-07T22:14:35+00:00

Project Description

3D Streetpainting “Cuerda de Sonrisas”

Title: “Cuerda de Sonrisas” (Rope of smiles)

Style: 3D Streetpainting, 3D Streetart, Anamorphic

Size: 6 x 3 m

Artist: Adry del Rocio

Client: International 3D Festival

Place: Afula, Israel

Date: 23 & 24 October 2016

3D-Streetpainting / 3D streetart “Cuerda de Sonrisas” (Rope of smiles) created by chalk artist & Madonnara Adry del Rocio at International 3D Festival, Afula, Israel.

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